06-29-16_2:48:35 PM

He is getting to know his daughter’s friends

06-29-16_3:09:02 PM

Marvin kissing Catalina

06-30-16_10:08:15 PM

They’re snuggling, so cute

07-05-16_3:58:05 PM

He proposed

07-05-16_3:58:51 PM

It’s so cute when sims jump into each other’s arms!

07-09-16_3:32:13 PM

It’s their wedding and they’re exchanging vows

07-09-16_3:33:42 PM

Then they kiss

07-09-16_3:35:18 PM

This is Arielle who’s just standing there

07-09-16_5:21:37 PM

Arielle meets Allan after the wedding

07-09-16_5:23:57 PM

GLITCH she gets taller!

07-09-16_5:29:16 PM

Now she’s back to normal size

07-09-16_5:33:48 PM

Arielle told him a rumor about Liliana now he’s insulting her

07-09-16_5:33:59 PM

Liliana’s all confused

07-09-16_6:41:22 PM

Catalina is pregnant

07-13-16_11:40:42 AM

Allan does a belly flop in our pool

07-13-16_11:50:32 AM

Arielle yells at him… poor Allan

07-13-16_11:50:45 AM

Now he’s crying because she kicked him out of the club

07-13-16_11:55:34 AM

GLITCH! Arielle really likes the wall I guess

07-13-16_12:43:04 PM

This man just walked into our house and molded our clay

07-13-16_12:45:03 PM

07-17-16_2:08:38 PM

Playing sea monster

07-17-16_2:15:47 PM

It looks like she’s flying but she’s jumping into the pool

07-17-16_2:43:45 PM

Arielle talking to the twins Liliana and Rosabelle

07-17-16_2:45:52 PM

They are exactly alike

07-17-16_4:40:54 PM

Eating in bathing suits!

07-17-16_4:53:38 PM

The house

07-17-16_5:00:54 PM

Arielle is angry

07-17-16_5:01:47 PM

She punches her stuffed animals!

07-31-16_4:36:20 PM

This is Annabeth

07-31-16_5:13:11 PM

She kissed Ron Ross

08-01-16_8:43:44 PM

Ron’s brother just watched them kiss

08-01-16_8:46:05 PM

She proposes

08-01-16_8:51:54 PM

Ron’s wedding outfit

08-01-16_8:51:58 PM

Annabeth’s wedding outfit

08-02-16_12:15:03 PM

Nobody sat down

08-02-16_12:15:26 PM

They kiss

08-02-16_12:19:06 PM

Big clump of people

08-02-16_12:23:58 PM

Everyone leaves at the same time

08-02-16_12:24:04 PM

And they walk in a perfect line lol

08-02-16_12:24:08 PM

08-02-16_12:45:22 PM

Ron’s first painting

That is all the screenshots I have for you! 🙂


UPDATE (I’m really sorry…)

Um. Yeah, I haven’t been posting. I’m sorry.

It’s just… I kind of want to keep my gaming on a personal level.

I might show you some funny screenshots and things, but I don’t really want to write “stories” on here anymore.

Also, please don’t take it personally if I unfollow you. I get spammed with emails saying that you have posted, commented, etc. With all these emails, I don’t know which emails are important. I’ve tried to find a way to turn them off, but I haven’t been able to. So, I’m going to unfollow some people. I’m really sorry, but Sims stories aren’t really my interest anymore.

I didn’t want to leave you hanging. I feel awful, but interests change. I still play the sims, but I don’t like to commit to any one story.




Ellie’s Journal (Part 6: Approached)

Hello journal,

At school today I was approached. By 4 girls. They were pretty nice. Well, only one girl talked to me, and the others kind of just stood there. I know her name because she’s in my math class. Her name is Joline Matthews.

06-08-16_7:13:27 PM.png

Joline Matthews

And here are the other three girls…

06-08-16_7:13:43 PM

This girl seemed a bit wary of me… she has a lot of tattoos…

06-08-16_7:14:04 PM

This girl seemed pretty perky…

06-08-16_7:14:17 PM

I think this girl is transgender… 

So, Joline told me to meet them at 3 PM behind the school today. But only if I wanted to, she said. Oh, I gotta go, break is ending and I don’t want to be late for english again.

Bye, journal


New Couple: (Part 1: New Town, Old Town)

*Warning: The series “New Couple” has two female main characters in a romantic relationship.*

Hey. It’s me, Petunia.

And me, Lyla!

So, we drove to our new house in Oasis Springs.

When we got there, we sealed the deal with a-

Kiss! You didn’t think I was going to let you say that, were you?


06-05-16_1:39:31 AM

It’s me, Petunia on the left, and I’m Lyla, on the right!

Well, if there’s anyone wondering about the title of this series, “New Couple”…

It’s because we’re a new couple!

Yeah. We only recently got married.

And this is where we moved in together!

Yup. My hometown, Oasis Springs.

I’ve never been to Oasis Springs. Petunia will have to show me around.

Good, Lyla, I was going to. But not after we tour our house first!

06-05-16_1:50:30 AM

06-05-16_1:52:20 AM

Here’s our nice front hallway with a mirror. Plain, but nice. Yeah, it’s nice.

06-05-16_1:52:32 AM

Here is our study. Maybe I could write stories. That’d be cool.

06-05-16_1:52:44 AM

Our kitchen is in the same room as the dining table. I’ll be able to cook great dishes in here!

06-05-16_1:52:51 AM

We have a simple dining room. I put up the posters!

06-05-16_1:53:09 AM

Here’s our TV room. Wow, that TV is really something! It sure is.

06-05-16_1:53:17 AM

The couch looks nice and comfortable. The room has a sort of ‘naturey” theme, I think.

06-05-16_1:53:26 AM

I really like the potted plant. I brought it from my old house.

06-05-16_1:53:47 AM

Our bathroom is rather small, but it’ll do. Teeny-tiny, Itsy-bitsy, bathroom! Haha!

06-05-16_1:54:39 AM

And here’s our bedroom! Ooh, love the color! It’s very pretty.

Did you like the tour?

Yes, our house is great. 

Well, let me ask you something. Do you know any places in Oasis Springs?


I do. And you’re going to. It’s time for a night on the town.

New Couple: (Prologue)

*Warning: The series “New Couple” has two female main characters in a romantic relationship.*

Hey. I’m Petunia. 

Hello, my name is Lyla. We just moved to Oasis Springs.

And guess what?

We’re a couple!

A new couple.

Yeah, we’re both girls.

And we’re trying to settle down in Oasis Springs.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

Spirit Animal Award Nomination!


Hello, I’m cherrycat777! Wow! I can’t believe I was nominated for the Spirit Animal Award! I honestly started my blog with no hope I would get noticed, so getting nominated for any award really shocks me.

First off, I would like to thank the wonderful cathytea! She nominated me and is also a big inspiration to me, so I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I read her whole “Goofy Love” legacy, which really inspired and taught me how to let my sims choose their own destiny instead of me setting up every part of the story. Some parts made me laugh out loud!

Her page is here: Cathy Tea’s SimLit Anthology

What my blog means to me:

cherrycat777 started out as a way for me to express the stories I made up with my sims, and I never anticipated that it would grow into something. I love animals, writing, art, math, realistic fiction, and the color pink. Sims 4 is one of my hobbies. 🙂 I love the twists and turns of a good read. When I think of my blog, I imagine the times when I take my trusty laptop, boot up the sims 4, and create stories inside simulation. To me, my blog is a way to vent when I am annoyed, calm down when I’m sad, and cheer me up with the awesome support from everyone. 😀 My blog helped me discover the reason I took a 2 month absence from the sims and helped me get back to playing. Thank you so much for reading!!! ❤

If I could be an animal, I would be a cat. Cats have an excellent sense of hearing, and an excellent sense of touch with their whiskers. Cats also have retractable claws, which I think is SO cool. I love their beautiful eyes and fur. I would be that cat that chases a feather around, spends my time scratching a scratching post,  and is laying in the sun. I also would DEFINITELY be that cat that just curls up on top of a book while their owner is reading it. (LOL) As you can see, I would absolutely be a cat. Yes. Meow!

My 10 nominees!

Simmer582012- Loves to play the Sims 4

Jes2G- Stories by Jes2G

SincerelyRen- Sincerely Ren

Summerfalls’ Stories- Summerfalls’ Stories

SimmerDownSouth- SimmerDownSouth

MEGGSIMS- meggsims

A Rose in Bloom Sims- A Rose in Bloom Sims

simlady36- simlady36

BBQPenguinWings- A Penguin’s Adventure in Simming

SimmingMeSoftly- SimmingMeSoftly


Thanks again everybody! ❤ 😀 🙂



Ellie’s Journal (Part 5: Jobs)

Hello journal,

I have BIG news! I found a job! I’m now a babysitter. I will start on Saturday. It’s only Tuesday, but that’s okay.

School was the same as yesterday, and I arrived home to an empty house because Dad’s job goes until 5:00 PM.

I’m going to watch some TV.

05-28-16_10:14:18 AM.png

I had just started my homework when Dad came home. And then, Dad came into my room while I was doing it. I can’t believe it! He told me that he admired my strength in these tough times and he helped me with my homework! He also said that he was sorry that he couldn’t spend much time with me because of his job, and he would try to spend more time with me once we got back on our feet.

05-28-16_10:20:32 AM05-28-16_10:20:59 AM

I’m looking forward to spending time with my dad, and being a babysitter. I’m also hoping I’ll make some new friends too. Bye, journal.

Ellie’s Journal (Part 4: Stressed Out)

Ugh! My first day of school was a disaster! It’s not like any of the teens were mean, it’s that they didn’t notice me at all. I was just some new girl blundering around trying to find her class. It was really stressful. I arrived home 20 minutes late, all because I wasn’t able to catch my bus. I didn’t know where it would be. At least now I know where it is… for tomorrow. I also have a lot of homework… I need food right now, I’m getting a salad.

Dad didn’t even notice that I came home late, he didn’t really notice me at all. Well, that’s ok, even if he was absorbed in his painting, it’s better than a depressed dad without a muse. He can catch up with me later. Wait! Dad finished his painting!

Hey! Dad told me that he found a new job! That’s great! I should maybe find a job too, like babysitting… I’ll think about it later.

05-28-16_9:37:46 AM.png

05-28-16_9:42:18 AM05-28-16_9:43:27 AM

After some dancing, I feel a little less stressed. I’m going to the desk in my room to do my homework. Bye, journal.

05-28-16_9:51:46 AM.png

Ellie’s Journal (Part 3: Ready?)

Hello journal,

Today I’m going to be the new kid at my new high school. But first, let me tell you about last night and this morning.

After I made my salad, I just put it in the fridge for later. So, I skipped dinner. It makes me feel a bit uneasy, but I wasn’t that hungry anyway. And I need to lose a few pounds! It’s ok, right? Then I went to sleep, and I know Dad did too because all the lights were out.

I woke up at 6:00 in the morning, famished because I didn’t have anything the night before. I didn’t want to starve, and I definitely can’t learn (or pay attention at all) on an empty stomach. So I had some of my salad. Oh, and Dad woke up while I was hungrily devouring it. (I am a glutton…) I discovered that the Nano trash can really works, I got money for putting my plate into it!

Here’s some pictures from the morning: (I’ve set up security cameras, what’cha think?)

05-17-16_4:06:17 PM.png

Dad and I taking a selfie

05-17-16_4:14:03 PM

Me eating salad

05-17-16_4:19:08 PM

My dad told me he would try to find a job today!

05-17-16_4:19:38 PM.png

Showing Dad my recent photos (I ❤ photography!)

I really didn’t want to go to school, what would the other teens think? I hoped that they would see past the extra pounds to the girl inside. I put on my makeup perfectly too, a pretty face is one step closer to a pretty you! …At least, according to me.

Am I ready? Too late to be asking that question- there’s the bus! Bye, journal.



Ellie’s Journal (Part 2: Hopeful)

Hello journal,

Today I helped my dad get the house ready for us. The house was left unfurnished, and we had to put all of the furniture in it’s place. It was a tedious job, but I liked that Dad and I could design it the way we wanted to. It looks very nice, but I’ll have to get used to it.

Our kitchen: (it’s small, I know)

05-17-16_3:36:03 PM.png

Our eating and living area: (bare, I know that too)

05-17-16_3:36:39 PM.png

Where Dad will paint:

05-17-16_3:37:10 PM.png

Bathroom: (VERY MINIATURE, it was hard to take a picture of this due to it’s tiny size… There is a sink, too, it’s just not in the picture.

05-17-16_3:38:14 PM.png

My dad’s room:

05-17-16_3:39:55 PM.png

My room: (the desk is for homework…)

05-17-16_3:40:49 PM.png

Our house is tiny, but the one I feel more pity on is my dad, not me. He’s been going through a pretty tough time lately. Mom died, and we’ve been struggling with some pretty big financial problems. Hopefully, he will be able to make some money with his paintings.

Things that I hope will happen

  1. I will lose my extra pounds and they’ll be gone once and for all.
  2. Dad will find his muse and be happy.
  3. We will be able to pay the bills and get out of these financial problems.

For that last one, if Dad gets a good job and that Nano trash can works, I’m pretty sure we’ll be out of the problems. Hopefully.

For my personal problem, #1, I’m planning to go on a diet. For dinner tonight, I’ll cook myself something nice and healthy. Maybe a salad. I’m going to go to the gym soon too. I would go tomorrow, but, y’know, SCHOOL. Did Dad not think about how hard it would be to go to a new school? But I don’t blame him. Apart from all those ‘mom memories’, the other reason we moved is that, uh, we were forced to leave. We couldn’t pay the bills. Dad’s job wasn’t working out, nobody was hiring me for any odd jobs, and nobody was buying anything from my lemonade stand or my yard sale. And it all added up, the late fees were never paid, and we had to buy a new house.

Well, It’s 7:50 PM and that salad isn’t going to make itself. Bye, journal.